Pink train foundation
Raising funds to support women in Latvia with a breast cancer diagnosis

General information

The main aim of the Pink Train Foundation is to raise funds so that women diagnosed with breast cancer in Latvia can receive professional, psychological support and physiotherapy. The Foundation's objectives also include the organisation of experience exchange for nursing and other staff working with breast cancer patients, as well as issuing informative material to those women affected by the disease.

The Pink Train Foundation has been established based on consultations with specialists and staff at the P. Stradinš Clinical University Hospital Breast Care Centre and the Latvian Oncology Centre. 

The Foundation initially raised funds by organising train trips around Latvia, inviting trip participants to donate the equivalent of the cost of a return train ticket to the Foundation to support its aims. Nowadays, the Foundation raises funds by organising various campaigns and events, as well as securing donations from individual donors and companies. Since it was founded in December 2014, the charity has provided this very important support to over 1000 women with breast cancer in Latvia, and the demand remains steady year by year.

In August 2016 the Pink Train Foundation was granted the status of public benefit organisation.

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