Thank-you for visiting our web-site. We would be delighted with any donations big or small to one of our our bank accounts:

Beneficiary: Rozā vilciena labdarības fonds

Registration Nr. 40008231744

Legal address: Ludviķa iela 10-107/108, Riga, LV-1004.

Bank details: Luminor Bank AS

Account number: 

LV40NDEA0000084371014 (EUR)

LV33NDEA0000084371043 (GBP)



You can use your PayPal account to donate the money (click on the "Donate" button for further instructions)

OR donate using your credit card (click on the "Donate" button for further instructions)


The Pink Train Foundation has been granted the status of public benefit organisation.

As guidance, we remind you that::

  • One visit to see a counsellor costs 20.00 EUR

  • One physiotherapy session costs 15.00 EUR

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